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Liability & Property Pooling

H.A. Thomson also offers unique Public Entity Self-Insured Pooling Programs that provide long-term alternatives to customary coverages. By pooling, you join with other Public Entities for reliable protection at a substantially reduced cost. The benefits do not end there. Members of the pool also own surplus funds of the pool, which earn investment income directly for the members. In addition, each member has a direct voice in how the pool operates.

Established in 1987, Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (PIRMA) teamed with H.A. Thomson Company. Knowing it's members inside and out, PIRMA offers risk management coverage and services specifically written and created for the needs and nuances of Pennsylvania local governments and public entities. Meeting the members' needs is their specialty.

PIRMA is more than what you’ve come to expect from a traditional insurance carrier. PIRMA is a self-insurance pool with over 600 members who own and govern the organization – the members are the only priority. PIRMA and H.A. Thomson Company's team deliver an outstanding hands-on approach, utilizing experienced staff committed to excellent customer service and the best interests of each and every member. As a result, Pennsylvania's public entities and the communities they serve are safer for everyone.

To obtain more information online please check out the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (PIRMA) website at www.pirma.org or feel free to download a membership application.

Click Here For PIRMA Membership Application. A PDF viewer, like Adobe Reader, is Required for the Application. Click Icon Below to Download a Free Copy.

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For additional information, please contact a H. A. Thomson Liability & Property Pooling Specialist toll free at
(800) 362-1011 or email Andrew DiProspero at adiprospero@hathomson.com

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